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Stories from Western New Yorkers Like You

Western New Yorkers are showing their support for Democrat Tim Kennedy for State Senate because they know he’ll always stand up for them and their communities.


"My nephew Jay-J suffered horrific injuries at the hands of his father. Even though his father had previously been convicted of child abuse, the court was limited in how much he could be punished.

My family wanted to do something to change the law. We didn’t want to see other kids get hurt or their abusers not get fairly punished. And then we read in the newspaper that Senator Tim Kennedy was already working on this issue. We contacted him and we got one hell of an ally.

It took two and a half years to get Jay-J’s Law passed and Senator Kennedy was there every step of the way.

There’s more we need to do to protect kids. I support Tim Kennedy because I know he’ll be there for us.” – Kevin Retzer, Sloan, NY


“I’m an entrepreneur, a workforce development professional and a mom with four kids. I work with businesses and individuals throughout our area – and it’s given me a real appreciation for challenges families face to try to get ahead these days.

It really disappoints me to know there are people who struggle to make ends meet and can’t because they aren’t being paid the same as other workers with the same skills. In 2014, no one should be paid less because of who they are.

Tim Kennedy championed the Fair Pay Act to end wage discrimination on the basis of age, gender or race. He’s been there defending the rights of workers like me in the community.

Tim Kennedy is someone who not only supports these issues, but really fights for them and that’s why I’m supporting him this September.” – Christina Lopez, Cheektowaga, NY


“I work as a Personal Care Aide at Buffalo General. I do vital signs, draw blood, walk patients – a little bit of everything. I get to spend time with patients and talk to them about their procedures and follow-up care. Many patients are scared – it can be very scary coming into a hospital and not always sure what’s going to happen. I try to answer their questions and ease their fears.

One important issue for health care workers at Buffalo General was safe staffing ratios. We had caseloads of 15 or more patients at a time and it was impossible to give them all the attention they needed. And if we’re spread too thin, we face more injuries on the jobs.

Tim Kennedy immediately got it. His mom was a nurse and he is a health care worker. He pushed to bring down the staffing ratio to make sure we can focus on our patients.” – Annie Lewis, Buffalo, NY


“I work in telecomm, handling everything from regular phones to fiber optics. For middle class workers like me, we need someone who will stand up for good-paying jobs and who understands our industry. 

Tim Kennedy is someone who will fight for middle class jobs. He gets the challenges families face and he’s working to open up more opportunities.

One of the things I try to determine when I think about who I’m going to vote for is if they stay true to their roots and values. Tim Kennedy is that type of person. He truly has it in his heart to help working class people and working class families. He’s a true servant for the communities he represents.” - Bryan Shepard, Cheektowaga, NY


“I work as a Registered Nurse at Lafayette High School in Buffalo. My job is to take care of kids and staff during the school day. Many of the kids we see don’t have health coverage. If they get sick or hurt over the weekend, they wait to get care until Monday because they know there’s a nurse in school.

This year, it looked like we were going to lose some of our funding. We would have had to cut staff – no more nurses in every school – and we might have had to shutdown school-based health centers or cut back their hours.

We went to Senator Tim Kennedy for help. He was so supportive; he brought a coalition of elected leaders together to talk to us and helped us find the funding to keep our program going. He was wonderful through the whole thing – he really took the bull by the horns and got a lot done.

I support Tim Kennedy because when we needed a champion, he was there for us.” – Noni Darcy, School Health Services, Lafayette High School