Have you heard misleading radio ads or received deceiving mailers about Tim's record?

Here is the Truth:


Tim Secured $5 Million for Buffalo's Central Terminal.

Tim believes that the state needs to invest in ALL corners of Buffalo, which is why he worked hard to secure $5 million for the historic Central Terminal. Tim is passionate about seeing this structure and the surrounding neighborhood revitalized, and this money will help stabilize the Terminal, as well as establish the formation of an executive team tasked with securing future development. The Central Terminal Restoration Corporation has said this money will be a game changer for this Buffalo landmark, and take us one step closer to seeing the Terminal restored and reused.

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Tim Believes Child Care Should Be More Affordable for Parents.

 With annual child care costs for two children exceeding $25,000 in Erie County, many parents earn too much to qualify for assistance, but not nearly enough to afford regular childcare. Parents shouldn't have to choose between caring for their families and having a career, but many times, that's the decision they face. Tim has worked to change that. Working hand in hand with organizations like the WNY Women's Foundation & Child Care Resource Network, Tim has fought tirelessly to increase the threshold to qualify for child care subsidies, which would provide much needed relief to families. 

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Tim is Demanding Answers on Deaths at the Holding Center.

When Erie County Legislator and Majority Leader April Baskin asked Tim to help her get answers to questions surrounding the deaths at the Holding Center, he immediately wrote to the Commission on Corrections, requesting a public meeting in Buffalo. Weeks later, the Commission agreed to a deeper discussion. Tim has also requested the expedition of critical state information needed by Legislator Baskin and the Public Safety Committee. He believes in getting answers the public deserves, and working with all partners in government to deliver them. 


Tim is Fighting Against Healthcare Cuts & Rallying for More Resources for Nurses.

As a former occupational therapist, Tim understands the importance of accessible, quality healthcare for all Western New Yorkers. He currently cosponsors the NY Health Act,  which would provide universal, comprehensive health care to all New Yorkers. Tim has also been a strong advocate for ensuring Safe Staffing ratios for nurses, in order to better support healthcare workers and provide consistent, comprehensive care for patients.